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The Dry Ice Tube

At a party, cozy dinner or a tasty cocktail a beautiful presentation should not be missed. Tough smoke-effects of dry-ice are for these events extremely perfect. With the instant Dry-Ice Tube you can produce the dry-ice à la minute and on the spot.

The Tube produces fast and instant 250 grams of dry-ice with liquid CO2 at any time in about 100 seconds. The special patented orange tube compresses the dry-ice into a solid lump, which is easy to take out of The Tube, with the included gloves, and cut them into small chunks and immerse them in hot water for the best smoke-effects. Then arises the well-known low-hanging smoke haze.

Making dry-ice when needed!

The Tube is safe and easy to use and you can mount it on the wall or the bar with the special bracket supplied.

It is unnecessary to order dry-ice in larger quantities because you can make whatever you need straight away on your spot.

The Tube: easy to use

Zijn ontwerp maakt hem geschikt voor elke ruimte en op elke plek in uw bedrijf, bovendien dankzij de eenvoudige bediening, is het praktisch en makkelijk te gebruiken. Belangrijk is dat de ruimte goed geventileerd is.

The design of The Tube makes it suitable for any room and on every spot in your company, thanks to the easy operation. You only need to plug The Tube onto a liquid Co2 cylinder with dip tube and it is ready for use. The costs per cylinder are between 30 and 55 Euro excluding VAT in the Netherlands, this according to the content of the cylinder.

In the complete starting kit is included:

  • Handgloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Hose
  • Wall bracket
  • Tube 250
Requisites DryIce


Sold separately is te Tube 400. With this extra Tube you do not make 250 gr. but 400 gr. dry-ice.
Just ask for it at your outlet or agency.

The Tube