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The Instant Glass Polisher

Never again polishing glasses by hand. Many companies in the catering industry experience polishing as a big annoyance. This mostly because it is very time consuming and also you have to deal with a lot of broken glasses.

This activity, that is needed to get rid of water and spots, happens manually and because it is time consuming it costs money. And on top of that it is difficult to dry and clean the inside of the glasses, the edges and the bottom.

Not with the polisher!

By hand you can do between 90 and 140 glasses per hour.

With de Polisher that is 260 to 360 glass per hour.

With the Instant Glass Polisher you get dried and polished glasses within a couple of seconds. Wet glasses and cups can be placed in the device. Because of the revolving brushes of natural, flexible and absorbing fibers and the supply of hot air the glasses will be dried and polished within a couple of seconds. Possible spots of water will be removed in a short period of time.

The rollers are made of natural, flexible and absorbing fibers that adjust themselves easily to differently shaped glasses and promote a high level of hygiene.

The easy to use Instant Glass Polisher is only 16 kilograms for the basic rendition and 26 kilograms for the pro which makes the device easy to move and setup in close proximity of the working area.

Technical data:

  • Net weight (kg): 16
  • Width (mm): 340
  • Depth (mm): 305
  • Height (mm): 520
  • Voltage (Volt): 230
  • Frequency (Hz): 50/60
  • El. power (kW): 1,1
  • Cap. M's hour: 260-360 pcs
Instant Glass Polisher


Sold separately is te Tube 400. With this extra Tube you do not make 250 gr. but 400 gr. dry-ice.
Just ask for it at your outlet or agency.

The Tube